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品质保证 优质服务 Quality Assurance vip service
Common development
Service Service

Factory direct sales, primary sources

  1. Processing instructions

  Processing categories: badges, metal car standard, key ring, dog tag, phone pendant, medal, bottle opener, ball fork, souvenir coin crafts and other hardware products.

  Processing methods: to map build, sample custom

  Payment: pay the mold fee to pay proofing, sample confirmation, the production of large goods. Pay the bill before shipment.

  Processing expertise: stamping, die-casting, paint, false enamel, glass paint, corrosion, printing, Epoxy, etc.

  Single MOQ: 100pcs

  2 proofing cycle

  Usually 10 days, (can be adjusted according to the guests request)

  3. Shipping date

  10000pcs within 15 days (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

  4. Processing process

 (1). Please send the pictures and samples of the products you need to order to us, try to attach the product details such as size, material, technology, quantity, quality requirements

 (2) According to your product information, we quote your satisfied price

 (3) Confirmation of further intention within the range that you can accept, the two sides reached the intention of cooperation, arrange proofing

 (4) Sample confirmation, arrange production

 (5). Delivery of deposit, large goods production.


  Companies to first-class service as the standard, customer first principle, we set up factories since the zero complaint, customer satisfaction 100%.

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