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What are the tips of collecting badges?

Date,: 2014-11-18
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In recent years, the collection of badges has surging, a large number of collectors are very popular for some badges. Currently popular on the market to collect badges is a large number of species, the collection is not difficult to type, not only to form a scale, but also easier for new beginners to get started.

Badges long history

Badges have existed since ancient times. Emblems and chapters are symbols of power in ancient times. They are mainly used on various kinds of banners with the symbol of power. Pre-2000 China's pre-Qin era appeared, mainly for soldiers, with the flag and the name of the flag badge is used for identification, and now many countries are still serving military officers who use this identification Logo. Of course, there is an essential difference between this badge and the badge in the present sense. After all, it refers to the banner. Must see that the real significance of the modern badge began in the Qing Dynasty, Xu Ke compiled "clean barnyard class notes" in the "costumes badge" wrote: "emblem, flag also. This badge may be marked by the mark of those who do not, said Hui emblem. Commonly used to whom the gold and silver bronze, temporary users to silk silk damask.

Abroad, the history of the emblem is also very long. In the 16th century, there appeared a commemorative badge during the Roman Empire. This commemorative medal, similar to the circulating silver coin, became a symbol of rewards. In the modern era, commemorative badges are still popular in many countries and serve as honorary symbols of state rewards for some outstanding people or events. With the rise of the industrial revolution in the 18th century and the rapid development of various metal smelting technologies, the modern people have used the badge as a logo or souvenir for identification or remembrance and rewards, and the materials have also moved from the usual metal products to plastic products, Ceramic products, rare metals and other materials in the direction of development. Many people are fond of badges and collect them systematically. Apart from collecting and collecting hobbies, the art forms such as calligraphy, painting, sculpture and other forms of art. They are used for commemorative or research and investment purposes.

Badge categories are numerous

There are many types of badges. In general, collectors collect often confused puzzles that they can not start with, and as a result, they experience difficulties in getting out of their way. In fact, collecting badges is not difficult, as long as you understand the nature and collection of badges before you collect them, you can make the most of them. If you can skillfully organize or classify them, you will also succeed. After I found that the current badge can be divided into the following categories:

1. Agency badges. Including various groups of emblem, school badge, factory (company) emblem, family badges, team emblems, etc.

2. Uniform badge. Including shoulder (badge), cap badge, collar, tie clip, sleeve logo, etc .;

3. Commemorative class badge. Including honorary badges, medals, travel medals, commemorative badge, performance events such as chapter.

Collectors of the nature of the badge as long as there is a preliminary understanding of the collection can be more easily when the right medicine to determine the collection range and collection of objects.

In recent years, the popular collection of badges in the market is a category with a large variety and low difficulty of collecting, which not only can form a scale but also is easy to use for new beginners and attracts them to establish confidence in collections. These varieties are the following:

First, like a chapter. Figure badge is a larger family of badges family, accounting for half of the emblem, is the heart of the collection of badges.

Second, the group badge. The production of group badges is generally very large, but also more varieties, the difficulty of collecting such badges is not large, but because the surface is very wide, so the scope must be controlled, otherwise there will be a set of embarrassing situation.

Three, school badge. Since the 1980s, the school badge has been flourishing in China. Among them, many famous universities have more school badges. In the mid-to-late 1990s, the production of school badges has spread to primary and secondary schools. Many schools use the school badge as their logo. The foreign school badge is more popular, the number is very large, second only to chapter. Collection of such badges can be considered by the university, middle school, primary school classification, you can also collect only the brand-name school school badge.

Fourth, commemorative badge. The largest number of such badges, some of which also belong to this badge. Because such breeds involve too many areas, they can generally only be collected on special topics such as travel memorabilia and major events and expositions. Currently, hot medals such as Olympic medals, World Cup soccer medals and World Expo medals are collected Small, all over the place of tourism or in the large-scale meetings and events can be purchased.

In addition to the above categories, various conference badges are also the hottest objects to be collected. However, due to the temporary nature and the difficulty of collection, they must be obtained through exchange and are the main ways to set up this category.

Of course, there are also some ingenuity to carry out thematic collection from the material of the badge. Due to the diversified craftsmanship of the badge and the advanced technology of a period, the badge is also a kind of living material for researching the development of industrial technology. For example, the badge is made of embossing, porcelain, electroplating, gold, paint, inlay, enamel, laser, 3D and other crafts, so colorful, beautiful.

Increasing investment potential

At present, the national collection of badges is mainly based on the varieties that have come out since the end of the Qing Dynasty. There are many rare treasures in these early varieties, many of whom have extremely high cultural relic value. For example, the first chest medallion medal designed by Li Hongzhang, the medal awarded by the alliance signed by Sun Yat-sen and the "fixed-hearted" ivory medal awarded to the court officials by the Qing court of the Qing Dynasty, , So prices have risen year after year, the current million or even hundreds of thousands of dollars is not surprising, compared with the 1980s, the price has risen hundreds of times.

In the auction industry, the badge also has its own place. Statistics show that in recent years, the price of badges has risen and the prices of rare varieties have also hit new highs. For example, in the first half of 2012, a Qing Dynasty soldier named "Shuanglongbao" The first two medals are, deputy chapter, that hit a record high of 340,000 yuan.

Of course, the vast majority of badge prices are not high, the general collectors are fully able to withstand, such as an ordinary school badge price will not exceed 5 yuan, the brand-name university's logo is also 5 to 50 yuan, a large amount of general badge prices In 1 to 10 yuan, a small number of 50-500 per month. The vast majority of tourism commemorative badge price is very cheap, the price of ordinary in the tourist destination will not exceed 5 yuan, refined at 10 to 20 yuan. However, they are not investment targets. Only those high-end varieties with a small circulation and special commemorative events can be included in the investment.

It is noteworthy that various types of national and world medals have become the trend of the world badge collection, and the investment appreciation rate is high. In particular, some countries awarded the national medal, world-class sports medals (medals) expensive, the investment value is very high. In previous years, athletes in some Eastern European countries sold Olympic gold medals and silver medals due to their distress. Prices in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars at that time, however, have doubled in the current world badge market Performance, and hard to find a chapter, numerous suitors. Thus, the valuable badge of investment value is high, these kinds of species is the real investment object, but such investment must have considerable economic strength, for ordinary investors, you can dig those limited edition formal Institutional distribution of species, such as the International Olympic Committee finds the issue of limited edition medal, especially only donated staff or athletes medals, etc., the same market value potential.

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