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Badge collection budding series collection of higher value

Date,: 2015-12-01
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Some experts believe that compared with other collectibles, badges have good material, easy to save, enrich the history and story features, has a special cultural connotation. Suggest collectors according to historical collection of badges, focus on quality, rather than quantity

In recent years, the collection market is extremely hot and all kinds of collections hit a new round of highs in the auction market. When porcelain and jade collection of people talked about, the badge of the auction began to emerge.

In fact, Ms. Lin Chi, a collector of folk art, seems to have a very small collection of badges, but it has long gone into the private sector. "In fact, many people have a few badges at home, some seemingly very ordinary, but very collectable value."

Nyingchi told the "International Financial News" reporter revealed that nowadays, she knows at least 200,000 people the national collection badge. As the types of badges continue to be found and categorized, the number of collections continues to grow.

Small badge, why so eye-catching?

"That is because, behind a badge, there is a hidden story, which used to be a symbol of identity, a witness of historical events and a mark of the times." Kim Min-chi, a Korean badge collector, To the "International Financial News" reporter said.

In her view, with the passage of time, badge dazzling figure was covered by a new halo. "I found more badges in China and the stories hidden in their little cubes fascinated me." Kim Ji-Min told reporters that those badges are still attractive to her, even if they are old and mottled.

A badge a story, a badge of a history. The origins and miracles of these little collectibles deserve our careful exploration.

The primitive society has a prototype

After reading the information, the reporter was surprised to find that the origin and story of the badge can start with "Long long ago". Because as early as primitive society has emerged badge prototype, that is, clan tribal totem mark.

The earliest history of the badge on the text records appear in the "Warring States Qise policy": "Qinshi Han Wei to attack. Qi Wang Wang Zhaizhang should be ... ... Zhangzi change its badge to hybrid Qin Jun "

However, this badge is essentially different from the badge in its current meaning. It refers to the banner. To the Song Dynasty, Song Taizong peace and rejuvenation for three years (AD 978), Li Fei bear misappropriating a yacht, extortion messenger, conspiracy to chaos court saw the cut. In order to prevent any further counterfeiting of messengers, the court stipulated that each messenger should be given a silver medallion bearing a special mark, which should be worn as a signage when entering the country or performing official duties to strengthen the administration of the palace affairs.

In the Jin dynasty, the Jurchen sent condemners to go out and the expensive men wear gold medals, calling them "gold medalist Lang Jun," and the second one wearing a silver medal, called "silver medalist Lang Jun." Two kinds of badges were engraved with sixty-seven seal characters, to prove messenger status and status.

In addition, ancient China's more famous tiger, fish, waist card are the prototype of the present badge, already have a modern badge, especially the characteristics of voucher badge.

This reporter has learned that, in fact, there are many ancient types of badges, according to the location of wear, can be divided into cap logo, collar, badges, badges. And these categories because of their different purposes into many small categories, such as medals, medals, medals, merit cards, medals, Buddha cards, God licensing, tours and so on. The medal is one of the most widely circulated range, the longest time, the most significant social significance of a marker, usually based on precious metals, with a variety of embedded gems, pearl and so on.

Medal form has a long history, as early as the ancient Qin and Han dynasties, there are rewards and promotion of knighthood and other related systems. Such as the Han emperor in the year 200 BC by the Huns in Pingcheng (now Shanxi Datong) door mountaineering, after Chen Ping siege, the second year, a reward of Chen Pingjin plate, engraved with the siege of performance and seal for the protection of the state Hou reward.

In 1644 AD, Wu Sangui led a soldier into the customs and was awarded the Royal Decree after being rewarded by Junichiro, the first emperor of Manchuria. This is also a mark of a medal character. Medals also include medals and so on. Most of the medals seen on the market today are repressed with modern industrial machinery, which are also the darlings of the auction market.

In the professional view, the real badge of the modern sense, began in the Qing Dynasty. Xu Ke compiled "clean barnyard class notes" in the "clothing class badge" a text wrote: "emblem, flags also. The ancient flag to Jing Bie, so set the badge. Emblem. Commonly used to gold and silver copper for its temporary use of silk silk damask.

It is worth mentioning that the most representative gift in the history of China, reprinted with modern industrial machinery, and the medal of rewards are the Ssangyong Poh stars medal awarded by Qing dynasty. This "Ssangyong Po Star" was specified by the then emperor (Tongzhi) and empress dowager Empress Dowager Empire.

According to the Court Office of the production requirements: the top level is the highest level of the Double Dragon Star medal for the red gold to (barefoot gold for the chapter base), France Green Dragon (green enamel made dragon shape), from the gold scales (similar Fish scale flaky bling), top large pearl (with two cent pearls embedded in the medal center), small dragon ball (embedded fine pearl inlay a week); the first two levels of gold green dragon from gold scales, With a small red coral embedded in the nest, embedded in red coral, between also use a small pearl; the first two by one or two levels are issued by the Prime Minister Yamen; and Ssangyong Po Star medal three hundred forty-five one or two by the Prime Minister Yamen Style, by the memorial Yamen-based production, application for the Yamen's license issued.

According to the Qing history records, the first batch of Dragon Star Star Medal Tongzhi two years (1863) made by the court a total of 22 production offices, the first grade 4, two 4, I each 2; after the Guangxu, Xuan Tong also made during the year , But the texture and workmanship is far behind, the plate and size are also changing. With the issuance of the Double Dragon Star Medal, there are also some basic medals, such as the Purple Star Po, Carp Dragon Medal and so on.

Collection of higher value

All along, the coat of arms has a very wide range of categories, but each has its own unique badge of the nature and scope of the content. Of course, this is not an important reason why badges have become favorites.

In Nyingchi's opinion, the badge is integrated into the art of painting, calligraphy, carving and embroidery, and the like in one molding, molding, baking, porcelain, mosaic, gold and enamel.

"Literary point of view, they condense in the square between the vicissitudes of life, has a distinctive historical imprint, which mystery is memorable." Linzhi smile.

This reporter has learned that the earliest collection of domestic badges from the early 50s of last century, when only a few people concerned about this collection. By the late 1980s and early 1990s, more and more people began to carry badge collection. At that time, most people began to collect interest and hobby, with very simple feelings.

Now, the number of collectors who are investing has started to increase dramatically.

Data records, badges collection can be divided into the Qing Dynasty, the early Republic of China, the Kuomintang and Communist Party cooperation, the Northern Expedition, the Red Army Long March, the War of Resistance, Liberation War and the establishment of new China eight periods.

There was no uniform rule for the issue and production of medals during the revolutionary war. However, during the period of the Agrarian Revolution, "the insurgency of the Dongjiang riot", "the medal of perseverance in struggle in the border areas of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi" and "the medal of the 10th anniversary of the Red Army" have been issued. During the period of the Anti-Japanese War, the Eighth Route Army of Hebei, ", Yan'an and the Liaodong Military Region Eighth Route Army units issued the" Anti-Japanese Victory Medal, "and so on; during the War of Liberation, many military regions and field army to commemorate the battle area and battle victory, have issued a medal.

In the eyes of collectors, the early Chinese new coat of arms was precious, such as the founding of the People's Republic of China Central People's Government in October 1949, the commemorative coat of arms, which was the founding ceremony of the medal; the 1950 National Day commemorative medal was the first national day medal , Using copper casting and embedded red enamel, simple design. Among them, the Tiananmen badge is highly favored by collectors. The shape of the circle is marked by a flag. The lower part of the ring is engraved with the anniversary of the founding of the Central People's Government. The process is exquisite and very rare nowadays. The reporter also learned that in China, Chairman Mao's badge has always been one of the most valuable badges for collecting investment value. During the Cultural Revolution, a large number of Mao Zedong's stamps were produced. Although there were a large number of surviving people, it could be said that the advanced equipment and the wisdom of all the people at that time were the best products for the country.

"At that time, the production of the emblem of Chairman Mao was irrespective of the cost of production. For example, the 500 sets of presidential badges produced by a factory apportioned the labor, material and financial resources they paid for this purpose to each emblem, and the current market price is far from Achieve its due value. "An auction person at Christie's told the IFC reporter. Therefore, it is both a creations, but also in the history of the development of the Chinese badge an unprecedented art. With the end of this passionate era, the production of Chairman Mao's badge also came to an abrupt end. Therefore, both from the historical value, or craft value, Chairman Mao has great appreciation potential.

In Kim Ji Min view, the badge if it can be complete or series, or pairs of collections, the value of a single market value is much higher. "When I collected the badges, I found that many of the special-shaped chapters are more valuable than regular circular stamps and the seller's bid will be higher." In addition, if the inscription on the badge implies a specific meaning, this has reference value for the study of the history of the badge and also adds to the collection value of the badge itself.

It is worth mentioning that the reporter learned from insiders that at present the highest value is the number of national medals issued by some countries and world-class sports medals. And those who are awarded the general-level honorary medal, although the material, design, representative sense of unique, but because of its particularity are mostly privately preserved, it is difficult to market, it is rare. Things are rare and expensive, so whenever you see, you have amazing prices.

Nyingchi on the Olympic medal recommended to reporters, the collection of such badges is currently a hot topic, because the Olympic Games 4 years, never stop. Therefore, the production and distribution of this sports badge will not stop, then the collection will continue.

Still a promising start

With the badge collection value highlights, some people can not help but ask, compared to other categories of collection, badge collection prospects geometry?

Some experts believe that compared with other collectibles, badges have good material, easy to save, enrich the history and story features, has a special cultural connotation.

In the past two decades, with the rise of Chairman Mao's badge, the badge collection and the red collection have gradually become the two major categories in China's folk collection. More and more people are obsessed with them and many scarce boutique prices have been raised by tens or even hundreds Times

The above auction house staff told reporters that he knows a lot of badge fans, most like to collect the precious badges since the Revolution, such as Li Hongzhang personally designed by China's first chest-mounted medal. "There are Sun Yat-sen signed the league will be awarded the medal, as well as the use of ivory made, the Qing court awarded the court officials the judiciary 'fixed heart' badges, etc." The staff told reporters that the price of these badges are Increasing year by year. "These badge prices are now in million units, which many years ago is unimaginable."

This reporter learned that various types of national and world-class medals have become the trend of the world badge collection, and the high rate of investment appreciation. In particular, some countries awarded the national medal, world-class sports medals (medals) expensive. In previous years, athletes from some Eastern European countries had previously sold the Olympic gold medals and silver medals at prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars, and nowadays, these medals have doubled in the world badge market Appreciation of the performance. This shows that the valuable badge investment value is also very impressive.

It is worth mentioning that, in recent years, the data from the point of view, all the badges in 2010 the total turnover of 138 auction items, the turnover was 58.97%, the transaction amount of 288 million yuan; the total number of transactions in 2011 was 132, The turnover rate was 59.72% with a turnover of 2.7 million yuan. In the first half of 2012, the number of transactions was 42, with a transaction rate of 65.11% and a turnover of 1.32 million yuan. Among them, by the Yonghe Jiacheng auction a Qing Dynasty Shuanglongbao Xing first second medal, deputy chapter is a record high of 340,000 yuan.

"Now, the price of rare badge far more than that.I acquired in the end of 2014 is not a particularly rare badge of the Qing Dynasty, has reached more than 20 million price." Kim Ji-Min revealed to reporters, the future market price of badges is obviously very Promising.

In this regard, Guangdong Provincial Collector Association, master of art identification Chen Shaoxiang that, as China's badge collection started late, the current lack of normative, orderly and professional trading platform, the circulation of the market price did not form, so in In a short period of time it is difficult to compare with the mainstream collection such as calligraphy and painting, ceramics, bronze, jade and stamps. However, precisely because of its initial stage of development, the price is not stable, more investment space and potential. Moreover, due to the circulation of badges is small, was non-renewable, even more precious.

Pay attention to the package pulp focus on quality

No matter what collection, collectors will face two problems: First, learn to appreciate the value, the second is to learn to distinguish the authenticity.

In the badge collection master Zhang Zuren, the collection badge first is to understand history. Such as to commemorate a major battle, events and other issued badges. The Chinese People's Liberation Army issued medals to officers and soldiers of the armed forces and unified it with the approval of the Central Military Commission or the General Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The issue of medals by various military regions, services and arms production must be reviewed and approved by the General Political Department. During the revolutionary war there were no uniform rules for the issue and production of medals by the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

In the identification of true and false badges, pay attention to the badge of the pulp, there is no layer of history deposited leather. Such as the liberation of the badge, is molded out or pressed out by hydraulic press, more blunt corners, but also the natural pulp. Fake badge is punched out of the punch, the corners more sharp, and no oxidation.

"The material of the badge is what I have always observed." Nyingchi told reporters, for example, the previous copper is different from the present.

"In the initial stage of the formation of the badge market, some counterfeiters saw the benefits behind the badge, and usually used aluminum-lead alloy to pretend to be profitable." Nyingchi pointed out that such false badges are really die-in-hand, the motif is fuzzy, and the above is generally More of this should not have something, so it is easy to identify.

Jin Zhimin has been committed to collecting the old badge, but also for this purpose to settle in China away from home, but her understanding of the old badge is absolutely very in-depth.

"You know, in the past the old badge paint is generally taken baking process, there are also enamel filling process, this craft is used in the medal and cap badge.Is very beautiful and very valuable." Kim Ji Min said, contrary to the badge of fraud, Low level of technology, one can see it.

Jin Zhimin also told reporters that for the primary collector, the easiest way is to smell the smell of the badge with the nose, if it is a modern counterfeit badge, the paint has a very strong taste, and the real era of badges, paint Is not tasteless. In addition, from the feel can feel the true and false badge. The previous badge was made with hundreds of tons of heavy press compression, the density is relatively high, and now those fake badges lighter, first hand can feel.

In addition to learning how to distinguish genuine and fake badges, some experts also suggested that collectors collect badges in historical periods to emphasize their historical value and significance. Chen Jianping believes that the main historical periods of the collection of badges include the themes of the late Qing Dynasty and the Revolution of 1911, issues related to the revolutionary organization of Sun Yatsen, the development of the Communist Party, the period of cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, the theme of patriotism during the War of Resistance Against Japan, Heroic medal, medal awarded in the early days of founding

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