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China's handicrafts industry status quo?

Date,: 2016-11-07
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China's handicraft industry under the WTO background is facing great opportunities and challenges. Handicrafts are one of the most personalized industries, and lack of individual differences make it difficult for the industry to survive. In recent years, China's exports of handicrafts have witnessed rapid growth. At present, it has become one of the largest handicrafts producers and exporters in the world. The domestic handicrafts industry is continuously developing at a rate of 20% and has become one of the most competitive centers for handicrafts production and export in the world .

Crafts industry prospects

Since joining the WTO, China's handicraft industry has made considerable progress, but also exposed many problems to be solved, such as the same product, fraud, the lack of design innovation and so on. Personalization is the common direction of the development of handicrafts industry, handicrafts is one of the most personalized industries, the lack of personality differences, the industry will be difficult to survive. However, due to the general small size of handicrafts industry, Imitation imitation of short-sighted behavior is commonplace, greatly stifled the enthusiasm of some enterprises innovation. Feeding the enterprises themselves and the industry's sustained and healthy development, handicrafts enterprises win to strengthen their own design and innovation capabilities, strengthen the division of labor collaboration, production of distinctive personalized products.

Regulate the competitive environment and strengthen self-discipline of the industry. As the handicrafts industry contains a very wide range of products, the lack of counterparts in the industry organization, disorderly competition among enterprises did not market quick success on the occasion. Therefore, the handicrafts industry, government departments and trade organizations should strengthen management and guidance, malicious and malicious plagiarism, sickness and greater support for innovative enterprises and protection efforts.

As handicrafts market demand changes faster and faster, the epidemic cycle is getting shorter. Handicrafts enterprises, especially export-oriented, need to grasp the developments in the markets both at home and abroad in real time. E-commerce will be a very convenient and efficient product promotion channel.

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