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The development of modern society is getting higher and higher, people's pursuit of material culture gradually rose to the spiritual area. From gifts to custom gifts is a symbol of civilization. So now custom processing factory is also very busy, saying that Shenzhen Ounique, engaged in custom keychain, custom medals, badges and other fields more than ten years, in the processing of customized gifts both in terms of technology or new product research and development are located in Shenzhen's leading level, also Driven a number of small gift processing custom factory development.What are the be...
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China's handicraft industry under the WTO background is facing great opportunities and challenges. Handicrafts are one of the most personalized industries, and lack of individual differences make it difficult for the industry to survive. In recent years, China's exports of handicrafts have witnessed rapid growth. At present, it has become one of the largest handicrafts producers and exporters in the world. The domestic handicrafts industry is continuously developing at a rate of 20% and has become one of the most competitive centers for handicrafts production and export in the world .Crafts in...
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Some experts believe that compared with other collectibles, badges have good material, easy to save, enrich the history and story features, has a special cultural connotation. Suggest collectors according to historical collection of badges, focus on quality, rather than quantityIn recent years, the collection market is extremely hot and all kinds of collections hit a new round of highs in the auction market. When porcelain and jade collection of people talked about, the badge of the auction began to emerge.In fact, Ms. Lin Chi, a collector of folk art, seems to have a very small collection of ...
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With the development of the Internet, handicraft e-commerce has become an indispensable part of the Internet age, handicrafts online sales is the trend of the times. In the view of the industry people, macroscopically speaking, the future of handicraft e-commerce business should be optimized in the "whole industry of art products" for a broader public life. At a micro level, the company aims to locate the crowd with precision and create innovative handicrafts. In the special setting or marketing Pattern is characterized by crafts e-commerce suppliers need to take care of the details....
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In recent years, the collection of badges has surging, a large number of collectors are very popular for some badges. Currently popular on the market to collect badges is a large number of species, the collection is not difficult to type, not only to form a scale, but also easier for new beginners to get started.Badges long historyBadges have existed since ancient times. Emblems and chapters are symbols of power in ancient times. They are mainly used on various kinds of banners with the symbol of power. Pre-2000 China's pre-Qin era appeared, mainly for soldiers, with the flag and the name of t...
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