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1.加工说明 1. Processing instructionsProcessing categories: badges, metal car standard, key ring, dog tag, phone pendant, medal, bottle opener, ball fork, souvenir coin crafts and other hardware products.Processing methods: to map build, sample customPayment: pay the mold fee to pay proofing, sample confirmation, the production of large goods. Pay the bill before shipment.Processing expertise: stamping, die-casting, paint, false enamel, glass paint, corrosion, printing, Epoxy, etc.A single minimum amount: 100pcs2 proofing cycleUsually 10 days, (can be adjusted according to the guests request)3. Sh...
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Common key ring type1. Car key chainMainly car 4s shop promotional gifts to customers of the exquisite gifts. Is also the owner of the car supplies, car pendants, personalized fashion items.2. Memorial type key ringLike more Olympic souvenirs. There is a Fuwa keychain. Mainly used to commemorate some important moments or characters,Crystal KeychainOriginally designed, it may take into account the cold type of metal keychain cool shape. Then think of the use of crystal and steel material plus production process, delicate and durable, very popular with young people.4 light key chainLuminescent k...
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As a dynamic city where science and technology coexist with fashion, Shenzhen enjoys a leading position in the technology in various industries. As the pace of life accelerates, people also gradually enjoy outdoor sports and participate in various sports games. Exercise with physical fitness, entertainment, in addition to education, politics, economy and other functions. It can also be said that the historical stage is different, the movement has different functions, in fact, physical fitness and entertainment is the main function of sports from beginning to end, it can also cultivate a variet...
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Badges, in short, are signs of identity and occupation worn on the body. The types of badges are: national emblem, emblem, emblem, team emblem, badge, emblem, army emblem, navy emblem, air force emblem, urban management emblem, forestry emblem, quarantine emblem, Tax badge, criminal badge, court emblem, procuratorate emblem, road emblem, CPPCC emblem, business emblem, people mediation emblem, sterling silver medal, medal, new business emblem, the new emblem and so on.Emblem production process legend to do the most of several badges made of technology, paint, imitation enamel, stamping, and som...
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According to the notice from the General Office of the State Council, we hereby notify the following rescheduled arrangements for the holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2017:Business Day Holiday Arrangement: Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017 is Wednesday, October 4, so there are 8 consecutive holiday holidays (Oct. 1 - Oct. 8) with the National Day. September 30 (Sat) to work. The company is located in:Factory holiday arrangements: October 1 - October 4 holiday break, other times during the normal production holidays, duty duty officers earnestly perform their duties, good on duty re...
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